Fantasy Hoops: Week 1 Review


So, third post in a week    I had no idea I would be this prolific!  Yesterday’s post was more the “article” style, which I plan to occasionally post, but the conversational style of the first post (and this one) will probably be featured more prominently at the outset of The Splog.


Today, I thought I would get you up to speed with my Fantasy Basketball squad:  Commish BuZZZZZZZard in the Dr. Dick’s Hoops Pals league that I established on Yahoo!.  There are 10 teams in the league and over time (with permission from the other players, of course) I’ll fill you in on their unique qualifications that resulted in their invitations to compete in this fantasy forum.  For now, suffice it to say that they are friends with high Sports IQs and willing to waste the time necessary to be involved. The scoring is cumulative within the following categories:  FG%, FT%, 3s Made, Points, Rebounds, Assists, Steals and Blocks.  One week in, I’ve surged to a commanding lead with the following roster: 


Chris Paul/Carlos Arroyo


Joe Johnson/Kevin Martin


Raymond Felton


Donyell Marshall/Hedo Turkoglu


Dwight Howard/Zach Randolph


Chris Bosh


Eddy Curry/Andrew Bynum


Drew Gooden/Chris Wilcox


Nenad Krstic/Deron Williams/Jarrett Jack/Jason Terry/Marvin Williams

A few comments:  I have turned over five of my nineteen players already.  I dumped Mike Dunleavy – it has been 4 years, he won’t get any better…although I admit that I initially bought into the idea of Nellie’s turning Dunleavy’s career around (more on Mike D. in a future column).  I couldn’t dump Jason Williams fast enough.  Besides his injury, I’ve never liked him and his career seems headed downhill from a not so majestic peak.  I like Marquis Daniel’s game, but suspect based on the first week, that it will take him a while to carve out a role on Indy.  I’m keeping him on my Watch List.  Al Jefferson has been an intriguing prospect for three years now.  I became enamored with his potential based on the high praise doled out two season’s ago by ESPN’s Bill Simmons (The Sports Guy – from this point forward referred to as The SG).  However, Jefferson has never come through.  Speaking of tantalizing potential, Shaun Livingston was the third young payer I ditched for lack of production. 

As if to echo my thoughts (and actions), The SG today listed Shaun Livingston, Al Jefferson and Mike Dunleavy as three of the top six players on the D-Miles Memorial All-Stars, named after all-potential, small-production Darius Miles.  So parting with them was overdue in just the first week!

Here is how my draft unfolded:

Round              Pick                 Player                            

1.                     (8)                    Chris Bosh PF,C

2.                     (13)                  Chris Paul PG

3.                     (28)                  Dwight Howard PF

4.                     (33)                  Joe Johnson PG,SG

5.                     (48)                  Raymond Felton PG

6.                     (53)                  Jason Terry PG

7.                     (68)                  Deron Williams PG

8.                     (73)                  Zach Randolph PF

9.                     (88)                  Marvin Williams SF,PF

10.                   (93)                  Drew Gooden PF

11.                   (108)                Hedo Turkoglu SG,SF

12.                   (113)                Mike Dunleavy SF                    <<<Dumped

13.                   (128)                Jason Williams PG                   <<<Dumped

14.                   (133)                Nenad Krstic PF,C

15.                   (148)                Chris Wilcox PF,C

16.                   (153)               Kevin Martin SG

17.                   (168)               Marquis Daniels SG,SF            <<<Dumped

18.                   (173)               Al Jefferson PF                         <<<Dumped

19.                   (188)               Shaun Livingston PG                 <<<Dumped

The players I replaced Dunleavy, J-Will, Daniels, A-Jeff and Livingston with are:

Eddy Curry:  Woefully one-dimensional, but for my squad bereft of centers, he has value.  The blog has several posts about him, if you are interested in further investigating his uni-dimensionality.

Andrew Bynum:  Another much needed Big (I love using the hoops jargon!).Production has been literally unbelievable, watched him last night on DirectTV (sadly the last night of the Free NBA Preview) and was visually impressed as well.  The Lakers and Mitch Kupchak must be doing back flips.

Trivia: Who did the Goldies choose one slot ahead of Bynum in the 2005 NBA Draft? Ike Diogu.  Trust me, that choice may haunt the Goldies as much as any of their other historic Draft Day blunders.  (Sounds like an idea for a future column: track the Goldies Draft Day woulda, coulda, shoulda…didn’t scenarios.)

Carlos Arroyo:  A pair of 20+ point games already.  Think the Pistons wish they had him back, along with Darko?

Jarret Jack:  Averaging close to 40 minutes per; should anchor the backcourt in the Rose City with Brandon Roy for the next decade.  The top couple of players on crummy teams (especially point guards) can be valuable in fantasy – I call it the Dana Barros Rule.  Sounds like another future column!

Donyell Marshall:  Should convert plenty of open 3s with LBJ on the floor; was cut by another team in my league after a couple of sluggish outings…hoping that owner will rue the day he made that choice.  As you can see from the rest of my squad, I generally steer clear of guys on the wrong side of 30, but if your SFs were Daniel & Dunleavy you’d be desperate too.

So, while three of the six players I dropped were mauled by The SG, he had a section in today’s column headed:  SIX GUYS WHO ARE SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER THAN THEY WERE LAST YEAR.  Five of the six are on Commish BuZZZZZZZard’s: Kevin Martin, Carlos Arroyo, Chris Paul, Deron Williams and Jarrett Jack.  The only one I missed was Hakim Warrick.  I guess I’ll have to get him via trade.

Final Analysis:  I’ve shored up the center position, my SFs remain weak, and my life-long fixation with point guards is again evident.  It is my hope that I will not post again about the Commish BuZZZZZZZard’s until after Christmas.  We’ll see if I can resist.  In the mean time I’ll start doing the research to capitalize on the three column ideas hatched while writing today’s entry. 

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


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