A Bay Area Thanksgiving Splog

First, sorry I have not posted recently.  Life keeps getting in the way.  If I had no job or family obligations, I could really be more prolific.  At least one loyal reader has been on my ass to start posting…and I don’t want to lose my one loyal reader. 

So rather than crying over spilled Splog, let’s resume posting with a staple of all sports writers, the Thanksgiving List.  This year’s edition covers the Bay Area sports scene.  As a (nearly) lifetime resident of the East Bay, one of my desires when starting The Splog was to use my historical knowledge to offer biting commentary on issues from the Bay.  Here is the first attempt: 

1)     Be thankful that the Angels signed Gary Matthew, Jr.  A few stats: his career highs in HRs and steals are 19 and 15, respectively; he is 32 years old; in ESPN’s fantasy leagues, he was the 196th player drafted in AL-only leagues.  So the 200th best player in the AL is worth 5 years/$50 million?!?!  This deal saves the Giant’s from themselves and burdens the A’s primary rival with an awful contract.  Thanks Mr. Moreno. 

2)     Be thankful the Warriors have Andris Biedrins and Monta Ellis.  Nellie’s willingness to get this pair of youngsters (20 & 21 years old) on the floor has turned the future of the franchise on its ear.  A big that rebounds, blocks shots and shoots a high percentage combined with a scoring ball handler should have Chris Mullin and company trying to dump some of their bloated contacts to tie these two up for the foreseeable future.  Any NBA GMs interested in taking Foyle or Dunleavy off Mully’s hands?  Oh, sorry we are supposed to thankful, not dreaming. 

3)     Be thankful the A’s are moving to Fremont.  As I have been digesting this reality over the last week, I have come to the conclusion that Bay Area folks should be pleased about this development.  While a move to Las Vegas (an excuse to make the roadie twice a year to check out a series was a HUGE positive) or Sacto (hey, its still NoCal) felt OK, in reality they would have hurt A’s fans like me.  Nearly all of my fandom is media based: TV, radio and newspaper.  Sure, I could have kept following Beane’s Boys via the ‘net, but it’s not the same as watching and/or listening daily and being greeted by A’s coverage in the morning paper.  Staying in the East Bay keeps me  (and millions of other long time local fans) in daily contact with the Green & Gold.  Plus, it keeps the bay as a two team market and we don’t want to lose any ground to LA, Chi-town or the Apple.  Moving the A’s to Fremont is, indeed, something to be toasted over Thanksgiving dinner.


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