I’ll Post…You Patronize (Plus AI Situation)

Hello Dear Readers:

I’ve done a fairly spotty job of posting in the last few weeks. For that I apologize. But good news is at hand. I am offering a money-back-guarantee that I will post something every day between now an December 31st. Yes – you read that correctly -EVERY day!

This tactic is obviously a desperate attempt to build a loyal readership. But desperation is the mother of invention, or something like that. In another move to increase the frequency of your visits, dear reader, is the e-mails I will be dropping in your box when I make a new post.

In fact, some of you may be visiting for the first time as a result of said e-mail – thanks for stopping by; it is appreciated. Hope you decide to stop by regularly. Also, now that I’ve been here for over a month, feel free to check out the November Archive to catch up on posts you may have missed about McGwire, Hornacek/Dumars, NBA fantasy hoops and what Dr. Dick was thankful for this year, among others.

OK. Enough about these housekeeping issues, on to today’s topic.

Would I trade for AI? As always, it depends. But the analogies to former Sixer Barkley’s situation may be a stretch. Barkley was only 29 when he was traded to PHX for Hornacek, Perry and Lang, in what turned out to be a heist for the Suns. AI is 31 now. So that’s the first difference.

Secondly, Barkley was added to a veteran team that had KJ, Chambers, Ainge and Ceballos. The trade was made by the Suns to get over the proverbial hump. They had gone 53-29 the previous year. I don’t see any teams that fit that profile in the chase for AI. Unless Dallas enters the fray. If the destination is Charlotte, Boston, GSW, Denver or Minnesota, the AI acquirer is in no position to quickly capitalize on AI before his inevitable downturn.

Which brings us to the third difference. Barkley had three great years for PHX, then moved on the HOU, where he was not THE MAN. He was still an excellent player, but as his physical ability declined he focused on rebounding and settling into a complimentary role. From here it seems doubtful that AI will be able to age as gracefully. Once he loses his quickness, his skill set may not translate into that of a role player. Unless the role is that of a high volume, low percentage gunner.

So, buyer beware.

That’s it for now…see you tomorrow…Dr. Dick


5 Responses to “I’ll Post…You Patronize (Plus AI Situation)”

  1. Keven Malkewitz Says:

    Yo Dude…

    EVERY day? I want in, $20 says no way! Liked the AI bit, Liked the Big Mac better (I mean, I love hoop, but I REALLY love baseball)…raises an interesting Q that NO ONE is talking about. I mean, according to Politics of Glory stuff, a hall of famer does it in the field as well as at the plate (not Mac), is consistent for 8-10 years at least (not Mac), has a few years where he does wonders in the post-season and helps his team win something (Well, kind of). Nice touch in comparing him with the Barry Bonds numbers (yes, the bastard cheats, but even without the cheating he belongs in there anyway)…which brings up the comment that I want to share with you.

    What is really missing is a discussion about a process for how suspected cheaters should be addressed in HOF voting…i.e., if never convicted, it can’t/shouldn’t affect a voter’s decision, if playere was caught once or a suspected cheater who admits guilt after playing, it is at voter’s discretion how and why they vote, and if the player was caught two or more times they are not elgible at all, or something like that….where in the hell is this discussion, which needs to be had because there will be so many more falling into these “cheating” categories in the future.

    Looking forward to collecting my $20!

    Best regards,


  2. drdickssplog Says:

    Please send cash to my office address!

    Also, take a look at this article:

    Spare the morality play: McGwire deserves induction, By Bruce Jenkins

    LINK: sfgate.com (search by Bruce Jenkins)

    As usual, Mr. Jenkins crafts a cogent argument, which you may enjoy.

    Look forward to more posts from you.


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