Thanks for visiting…and other random thoughts

First, a big thanks to those of you who visited for the first time today.  Especially those that took the time to add Comments (or e-mail me personally).  If you enjoyed the site, keep coming back…and tell your friends.

Now for random thoughts:

  •  Yes, I realize that I have not blogged about the NFL yet (thanks to those who logged formal requests).  Over the last four years by Thanksgiving the Raiders have nearly extinguished my desire to talk (or write) about the NFL.  This year was no exception.  However, note that I said nearly!  Sometime soon I’ll post an autopsy of Raiders 2006 and make (nearly always misguided) NFL Playoff Predictions.  Keep checkin’ back.
  • KC Royals.  Who would have guessed.  They signed Gil Meche for$11 million/yr for five years (or is it more galling when described as $55 mill for five years?).  The guy is 55-44, has a career and most recent season WHIP of 1.43 and has pitched more than 150 innings twice.  What does that make Barry Zito worth?  Zito (born the same year as Meche) has a career WHIP of 1.23 and has surpassed 210 innings each of the last 6 years while compiling 102-63 mark.  Man, I should have been an agent.
  • I received a request from a reader to develop a trade proposal to have AI end up with the Knicks.  According to’s excellent, interactive Trade Machine feature (go give it a try, it’s fun!) AI and Starbury have the exact same salary.  While the Sixers will field much better offers from other squads, likely to include draft picks and younger players, it would be loads of fun to watch AI and Zeke battle.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


3 Responses to “Thanks for visiting…and other random thoughts”

  1. Keven Malkewitz Says:

    Hey Dr. Dick,

    Don’t give me that whining about having a bad season with the Raiders…try being a Detroit Lions fan! You guys feel depressed about a bad season? Suck it up and take it like a big boy. Sounds like you might be wearing some of those Raider’s pink polka-dot princess panties featured on the NFL’s website (for the record, that hint is courtesy of Mary Buckheit’s rant about the NFL’s pink products, worth a read, see ESPN).

    So, you sniveling, snotty-nosed, black-and-silver painted sissy, here’s the Top Ten reasons why you should be glad you’re a Raiders fan and not a pathetic Detroit Lions Fan…

    10) You’ve played in a Super Bowl…

    9) You haven’t gone through three straight entire SEASONS without winning a road game (see the Lion’s record from 2001-2003 for comparison)…

    8) You’ve won at least a league championship within the last half CENTURY (well, OK, I’m exaggerating, the Lions last league championship was actually only a brief 49 years ago, seems like it was only yesterday)…

    7) You don’t have to ruin your Thanksgiving dinner four of the last five years by watching your inept team LOSE…

    6) Your running backs don’t quit the team and walk away from millions of dollars because there is NO CHANCE that your team will ever, ever, ever get better (see “Barry Sanders” for clarification here, usually found under “greatest running back ever”)…

    5) You get wins other than those wins that COST YOU THE FIRST PICK in the draft (note: the only time that you could possibly be glad to be a Lions fan instead of a Raiders fan is if both the Lions and the Raiders lose out the rest of the season, as the Lions would get first pick over the Raiders because they have a weaker schedule). That being said, see reason 5 above…

    4) You’ve had a long-time owner that isn’t completely INEPT(42 years and running for us, with no end in sight)…

    3) Your GM’s record over the last 93 games is better than 23-70.

    2) Watching your team play isn’t always like watching an episode of Scooby-Doo (which is a slightly different theme each episode, but with the same predictable ending…thanks to Andy Benoit at for that analogy)…

    1) Been to Detroit lately?

  2. drdickssplog Says:

    WOW! Maybe you should just shift your allegiance to an NCAA team (Oregon Ducks, perhaps). Good luck on the next 50 years!


  3. Home Improvement List Says:

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