Brawl, Zeke, My Thoughts

The dominant story today (sorry Commissioner Goodell) today is the fallout from the Knicks-Nuggies melee of evening last.  As usual, Dr. Dick has a few thoughts:

  •  Carmelo Anthony should not be suspended for a punch.  He should be suspended, but based on the video broadcast on ESPNNews, it was nothing more than an open hand slap.  Of course that could still hurt.  Ask John Stossel.
  • Chris Sheridan reports online and by phone interview that Zeke”warned” ‘Melo that he was in eminent danger, because Coach Karl had the gall to have four of his five starters on the floor in the waning moments of a blowout.  Typical Zeke.  You remember him from his cheapshot days on the Pistons.  You remember when he attacked John Stockton because Stock took Zeke’s “spot” on the 1992 Dream Team.  You remember how Karl Malone evened the score by administering an elbow resulting in 40+ stitches to Zeke’s dome.  Well, here’s hoping Commish Stern levels Zeke with a suspension larger than any of the combatants.  Coaches are supposed to exhibit leadership, not be schoolyard-level thugs.
  • Overall, the NBA and its leadership have eliminated nearly all of the unnecessary violence from the pro hoops product.  If you figure there have been more than 2,000NBA regular season games played since the brawl at The Palace and this is the first noteworthy eruption of violence, that is a commendable record.  Last night event is a non-issue.  Except that it gives Stern and company a chance to: 1) enhance its inmage by coming down hard on the participants; 2) tremendous publicity on a weekend when the NFL would usually garner the lion’s share of media attention; 3) it might hasten Zeke’s exit from the NBA scene.  Hope Zeke has a successful career making infomercials.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


3 Responses to “Brawl, Zeke, My Thoughts”

  1. Randy Ferino Says:

    Aw, the brawl. Is that what that was? What I saw was a bunch of school kids getting after one another at the playground. I didn’t see a bunch of millionaire athletes, at the top of their profession (ok, yes the Knicks were involved, but at least some of their team can be considered in that phrase). Does the NBA not get it entirely? I mean does someone in the front row, who paid 500 dollars for a seat (in Charlotte) need to have their nose broken by one of these thugs and have their team sued for 7 figures before the NBA “really” gets it?

    Look, the NHL, NFL, and even MLB “get it on” every once in a while, well in hockey at least once a game, but they don’t have to worry about the fans getting involved in the action. Yea, in hockey an occasional puck gets into the stands and takes someone out, and yea baseballs are always flying into the stands, but you know that when you buy the ticket.

    Maybe the NBA should be a little more lax on their discipline, you know, allowing the players to fight with only a game time penaly, say 2 minutes on the bench and 2 personal fouls and then you can sell the front row tix for double the price and allow people to “get into the action” if the players come their way.

    Until then, these “men” need to grow up and understand that hard fouls are part of the game and if they can’t deal with it, then find another way to make 7 and 8 figure incomes at the expense of hard working fans…..As for Isiah, I think he will be on active retirement by the end of April if not sooner, but I don’t blame him for all this. The Nuggets were rubbing it in, and their is a little history their, so it really isn’t suprising that it led to what it did.

    Oh, one more thing. I am so tired of these post apologies that have the player saying, help he here Carmelo, I am so sorry for what I did, and am embarrassed, bla bla bla….Why can’t these guys ever just tell the truth.

    I’m out…………

  2. AK Says:

    Carmelo shouldn’t be suspended for the punch, but should definitely get 15 games for the George Bell-esque backpeddle/sprint after the punch. What a wuss. PS. the third person references need to vanish.

  3. Randy Ferino Says:

    Yea, that was a weak punch….I think they need to do some penalties that include playoff games as well. That will keep them out of trouble…

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