Are You Ready for Some (Arena) Football ?

I sure hope so, because with the partnership announced between Arena Football and ESPN, you are sure to see a lot more coverage.  As The Worlwide Sports Leader has shown in the past, once they acquire the broadcast rights to an entity, they quickly ratchet up the coverage, develop a brand link between the league and its broadcasters (think Ed Werder and the Cowboys), and ram it down their viewers’ throats.

Not that it is necessarily a bad thing.  Arena Football is solid live entertainment, that has yet to realize its full potential as a broadcast product.  While living in Bakersfield, I had a chance to do a few small research projects for the local AF2 team, the Blitz.  Going to the games was fun and the fans in attendance really seemed to enjoy the experince.

As a side note, I have had the chance to meet AFL Commish David Baker on a few occasions at academic affairs.  Really good guy.  Hell, he even remembered my name and a talk I had given a few years prior.

It seems like his AF brand may be poised to take off with the assistance of the ESPN juggernaut.  Now if this ESPN/AF partnership can somehow get AF fantasy and gambling to take off, it would just about guaruntee success.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


One Response to “Are You Ready for Some (Arena) Football ?”

  1. AK Says:

    AFL isn’t great, but gambling would help. If they gave this treatment to the true big-time sport that they used to have (hockey), they wouldn’t have to stoop to this. On another note, I’m watching Something about Mary… of the best movies ever, but how does anyone find Cameron Diaz attractive??

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