Free Throws and ND

  • According to the SF Chron: “Guard Keith McLeod entered the game shooting 96 percent from the foul line, but missed his first two free-throw attempts — the same number he had missed in his 44 previous attempts this season.” So, what is the likelihood of a 96 percent shooter missing both? .16%; making both? 92.16; splitting the pair? 7.68.Of course McLeod’s calculation is based on his 96% mark in the small sample of this season.
  • Now, suppose a”good” free thrower of 80% steps to the line.  What is the likelihood of his hitting both? 64 percent.  But announcers constantly act surprised when “good” free thow shooters don’t make both (particularly in game concluding sequences). Yet 36 percent of the time the “good” shooter won’t convert.  Just an announcing pet peave worth sharing.
  • Speaking of stats and broadcasting, The Warriors on their local telecasts are now sharing statistical probabilities of outcome (win or loss) based on the game status.  For example, “The Warriors are winning by 5 on the road with 70 seconds to play.  In the last 5 years 91% of the road teams in that situation have gone on to win.”  Interesting new value-added tidbit for viewers, although they seem to use it too much, particularly in the first half.
  • Did you see the Boise State game (formerly known as the Fiesta Bowl)?  I wonder if that will be an official name change heading into next year’s game.
  • A quick disclaimer: I HATE NOTRE DAME! Only in intercollegiate athletics, of course.
  • The oft-sited stat that ND has lost nine bowl games in a row is one that causes a lot of hand wringing for fans of the Irish.  In fact, it is evidence that they are consistently invited to bowls they have no business being invited to.  Bowl committees (and the media outlets that fund them) are simply trying to create the  most favorable TV event each year, thus ND gets invited to a “better” bowl than their body of work deserves.  To fix this problem – and start winning bowl games – Irish fans must stop watching ND games on TV and travelling great distances to attend bowl games that their team is highly likely to lose.  At that point ND would start getting invited to bowl games commensurate with their season performance – and thus have an appropriate chance of competing.  To recap,  ND fans stop watching ND football games – Coach Weis needs your help!

One Response to “Free Throws and ND”

  1. Todd Rabbach Says:

    Lots of good stuff here but the one that really sticks out to me is the Notre Dame stuff. I agree with everything and would like to add a link to a site, while the design is quite crude and some of the info is a little out dated I agree with it’s agenda.

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