Bullets Over Blogway

By popular demand – or at least the based on the Comment of one loyal reader – the next few posts will focus on the NBA. Because, ya know: the NBA is Fantastic! – is that Old School or what? Anyway, we are starting the NBA coverage with my experience at Monday’s MLK Day Game in Oakland: Warriors vs Clips. What follows is a disorganized, poorly thought out series of comments:

  • The first quarter was one of the low energy periods of the 100+ NBA games I have attended.
  • Having said that, Monta Ellis was awesome in the first Q. By the second Q he had 18 points in 18 minutes. It must be nice to be just a little quicker than everyone else in an NBA game…I wouldn’t know.
  • Nellie needs to use his bench more. Ellis and Davis played the first 20 minutes without substitution. I know the bench was thin (only Dunleavy, Diougu and Azubuike available). But this pattern KILLS Monta. In his next 20 minutes he scored only 6 more points.
  • Playing excessive minutes isn’t doing Baron any favors either, but this pattern fits with Nellie’s previous overworking of his key players. In the new year, Baron has played 48, 40, 48, 32, 39, 38 and 43 minutes – an average of over 41 MPG. Doesn’t Baron have a history of breaking down physically? Check. How many games has he played in each of the four previous seasons? 54, 46, 67 and 50. Hardly a beacon of durability.
  • Remember Tim Hardaway? Apparently Nelson doesn’t. In the 91-93 seasons, he was on the floor 39.2, 41.1 and 39.5 MPG. The work load broke Hardaway down, as he missed the entire ’94 season and played just 62 games in 1995.
  • How about Chris Mullin? He played the most minutes in the NBA in 91 and 92. Then he broke down, with games played totals of 46, 62, 25 and 55 the next four seasons.
  • Back to the Clips game. Going to the game with my Dad is always fun. With lots of back and forth banter, a theme usually emerges. This time it was missed FTs. The Goldies were 12 of 25 after 3 quarters, yet held a two point lead. In the fourth they were 12 for 12 and won by 15 points.
  • Sam Cassell is wildly entertaining. In the fourth, as the game slipped away, Dunleavy the Elder called a TO. Cassell slammed the ball to the ground out of frustration. Veteran official Jim Clark T’d Cassell up immediately. Then Cassell engaged Clark in a protracted discussion, including hugging Clark and pleading his case that the ball slamming had nothing to do with officiating. You really had to see it.
  • Cassell also entertains with his play. It seems at least thrice he was able to get defenders airborne with his slow-mo pump fake. Exquisite.
  • The MLK I Have A Dream Speech broadcast at the half was a fitting and moving presentation.
  • In the second half we were lucky enough to be invited to a luxury box by a friend. Always a nice experience. I used to wonder why corporations pay top dollar to sit so far away from the floor, rather than just buy great tix. But having had the box experience a few times now, the view is great and the privacy for biz people hosting clients is unbeatable. Not to mention the food and adult beverage access.
  • Will Livingston ever reach his potential? I’m no closer to the answer after this viewing. His skills are tantalizing, and 9.7 points, 5.6 assists and 3.4 boards in 30 minutes a game ain’t bad. But does he have the will to dominate? Still only 21 it is still to soon to give up.
  • Surprised to see former Oregon Ducks great Luke Jackson in town on a 10-day contract with the Clips. Wonder if he’ll ever amount to much. Could he emerge in the right system, as Kapono has? Hard to say. Injuries limited Jackson to just 46 games in two seasons with the Cavs. Here’s hoping better days are ahead.
  • Memo to Commish Stern: The zero tolerance on players chastising refs has made a good product even better.
  • Another officiating note: Violet Palmer had a good game and has evolved as a ref. I expect to see her get some post-season assignments this year.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


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