Bullets on Coach Kiffin

As you may (or may not) be aware, I’m a Raider fan. A true SilverandBlack bleedin’, season ticket-holdin’, mother f!@#$%^&*er. Oops, I slipped into Raider mode. Now that I’ve regained my composure, let me hit you with a few bullets on the Raiders and new hire Coach Sarkisian Kiffin.

  • I wanted a young coach. Mission accomplished.
  • Everyone wants a young coach. In fact, SI’s Don Banks reports that 12 of 32 coaches are 45 or younger.
  • Do I trust Mr. Davis to pick a coach? Yes, if it is a young up and comer (think Madden, Shanahan and Gruden).
  • No, if it is a retread or internal candidate like Bugel, White, Callahan, Norvell or Shell.
  • Why not Rob Ryan? For my money if the players want him as head man, it spells bad news. Remember how badly the players wanted Bugel? Having continuity and promotion from within is a bad idea when your team needs a major attitude overhaul. I’m not even sure it works when times are good, as the new coach is then beholden to the players who helped him get the job (see Callahan, Bill for more details).
  • One of my favorite parts of being a Raider fan is referring to Al as Mr. Davis.
  • Another favorite is a tradition I have with my Raider buddies is referring to the head coach in reverential tones as Coach __________, rather than by last name or first and last names. As in “I can’t wait to see how Coach Kiffin uses LaMont Jordan”.
  • Of course once the coach loses the team, we start just referring to him by his last name. As in, “Shell’s sideline demeanor sucks”, which debuted in Week 1.
  • I also like how the self-important NFL refers to the weeks in the season using capital letters.
  • Will the Raiders make a deal for Michael Vick? The rumor mill has Mssrs. Moss and Porter and the #1 overall pick going to ATL for Miguel Vick and #10 overall. I need to sleep on this one, but at first blush it might be just the purge the team needs. On the downside, I’m not really a fan of Mike Vick.
  • One Vick related note: The NFL Passer Rating is just that. Meaning it does not factor in run yardage. It is not a Quarterback Rating, as commonly referred to. Such a tool will always undervalue running QBs like Vick.
  • Wonder if Coach Kiffin would adopt a lot of his former boss Norm Chow’s playbook from the Vince Young-led Titans if a Vick acquisition comes to fruition.
  • Finally, will Coach Kiffin be successful? I have no idea and neither do any of the other talking heads out there. Let’s just sit back and let the Coach Kiffin era unfold.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


2 Responses to “Bullets on Coach Kiffin”

  1. Keven Malkewitz Says:

    For my money (I pay a ton to access this site!), the point about Ryan/Bugel new coach or guy from outside was most interesting…in theory, coaches from inside should have an edge because of more tacit knowledge about players/system, but that is only one factor in coach success…

    There was an interesting paper in a top management journal a few years ago about a related question, NBA players who have been playing together longer should also have an advantage (think of those two players that used to play for the Jazz together, what were their names Rich?)…maybe an interesting research question here.

  2. fidman25 Says:

    Just to be clear, I don’t care who the Raiders hire, they will still suck for the foreseeable future. What I want to know is how the hell they seem to be home every week and also be the 4 pm game on the Eastcoast. Al Davis must have some sweetheart deal with the league.

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