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NBA & Vegas

February 15, 2007

This weekend in Las Vegas is one of my favorite events of the year – the NBA All-Star Game.  I had planned to post throughout the weekend, but am now traveling to San Diego this weekend  for a conference, so I’m not sure what my viewing (and posting) opportunties will be.

In any event, you can be sure I’l have the TiVo fired up and watch all the events in their entirety early next week, with posts to the blog to follow.  While waiting for that witty commentary, you can fantasize about what is beginning to sound like the impending move of an NBA franchise to Vegas.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


Super Bowl Bullets – XLI Edition

February 5, 2007

Yes…I’m back. After a protracted absence I thought I’d return today with a few observations about the commercials and the game from Super Bowl XLI.

  • Dr. Dick’s top rated ad was the Sheryl Crow/Revlon effort. The reason I liked it are: it told a consistent story, clearly stated the brand’s benefits, used a celebrity likely to interest the product’s target market (presumably, women 30-50). While other ads seek merely to entertain, this one successfully engaged its target market AND entertained them.
  • Not surprisingly, it ranked in the Bottom 5 on the USA Today Ad Meter. This metric is primarily a measure of humor and Crow’s add had only a hint of humor.
  • Another Explanation for its poor score was the 60 second duration. Most ads are 30 seconds, so by comparison this one became tedious to those not interested in the product (or Buddy Holly, Rolling Stone or Sheryl Crow fans).
  • The least effective ad from my couch was the Schick Quattro ad. I didn’t get what they were going for this year – or in last year’s ad, for that matter.  Please fire your agency.
  • The Bill Simmons Unintentional Comedy Award goes to … InfoUSA’s ad.  As Mrs. Dick described it “I thought it was a bad Saturday Night Live skit, with no punch line”.  But if the goal was to make a mockery of your brand name, mission accomplished.
  • The ad that made me laugh out loud was the Doritos Checkout Girl ad.  Laughed out loud again today when I rewatched it.
  • Ad that should have made me laugh out loud, but didn’t: the Federline/Nationwide ad.  If they had not leaked the details the week before it would have been hysterical.  Instead I (and millions of others) had an idea how it would unfold, leaving us unsatisfied.
  • OK…enough about the commercials.  On to a few comments about the game.  While Nantz/Simms couldn’t resist telling us over and over what great guys Dungy/Lovie are and how they don’t yell at their players, give me Cowher or Gruden any time.  I like watching a coach express emotion – both positive and negative. Dungy/Lovie looked like a couple of Tom Landry impersenators – not compelling entertainment on the sidelines.
  • Why didn’t the Bears try in the last 1:42.  They had the ball down 12 points.  Try to freaking advance it up the field.  Take chances.  Try.  Is that asking too much?
  • Why were the Bears within 12 points with 1:42 to play in the first place?  Why not try the FG with Vinatieri from the 17?  He’s the best kicker in the league, right?  You could go up 15!!!  If Manning or Brady had been the opposing QB would this have been the call?  Please try to win games – don’t try not to lose them.
  • I thought it was a pretty entertaining game.  Close in the fourth – hell, “close” with 1:42 to play – lots of turnovers (which are always entertaining, especially for the tens of millions watcing the game that don’t care about either team).  Yet this morning I heard a comentator suggesting it was “the worst” Super Bowl ever.  Why must everything be the best or worst?  It was fine – and better than a blowout anytime.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick