NBA & Vegas

This weekend in Las Vegas is one of my favorite events of the year – the NBA All-Star Game.  I had planned to post throughout the weekend, but am now traveling to San Diego this weekend  for a conference, so I’m not sure what my viewing (and posting) opportunties will be.

In any event, you can be sure I’l have the TiVo fired up and watch all the events in their entirety early next week, with posts to the blog to follow.  While waiting for that witty commentary, you can fantasize about what is beginning to sound like the impending move of an NBA franchise to Vegas.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


One Response to “NBA & Vegas”

  1. Dickey Dong Says:

    A team in Vegas sounds great, but if those incestual, silver spoon sucking, geek Magoofs move the Kings there, the PLO uprising in Israel will seem like a pre-school game of tag. They should stick to buying silicone whores and pedicures, because you can not buy a fan base like you have in Sac. They should just shut-up and build a state of the art stadium instead of trying to milk the local community for all its worth. This phoney impass is the beginning of the move I am afraid. The diesel and fert are loaded for that day should it come.

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