March Madness, First Round, West – The Toughest Bracket

In my humble judgement, the toughest bracket; The RPI Rankings support this notion. The West has 10 of the Top 32 RPI teams; we would expect 8 (representing 1/4 of 32). Of the ESPN “experts” only Vitale rates the West the toughest bracket. We’ll see how it works out. I put RPI Ranking in parentheses to show power in this bracket.

  1. Kansas (#11) over Play-in Winner, faces tough second rounder.
  2. UCLA (#3) over Weber St.: Despite two late losses UCLA gets to stay in Cali until Final 4.
  3. Pitt (#5) over Wright State. Pitt staggered down the stretch may be susceptible in second round.
  4. S Illinois (#6) over Holy Cross. Would have liked to pick the Sports Guy’s alma mater, but I can’t.
  5. VA Tech (#32) over Illinois (#29). More Big Ten fodder.
  6. Duke (#15) 0ver VCU
  7. Indiana (#28) loses to Gonzaga. Sure hope I am right about the Big 10.
  8. Kentucky Cats (#13) lose to ‘Nova Cats (#19). How can Villanova be a #9 seed with a Sagarin Predictor of 15 and an RPI of 19? Should have been a #6 seed…now they’ll have to prove it!

By Thursday I’ll get a full bracket completed and posted. For now enjoy all four Regions and Dr. Dick’s Picks.


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