March Madness, First Round, East

Well, the time has come to embarass myself in this forum by posting my First Round predictions.  We’ll see how they work out…


  1.  UNC over E KY
  2. G’town over Belmont
  3. WSU loses to #14 Oral Roberts:  WSU seeded to high!
  4. TX over NM
  5. USC over Arkansas
  6. Vandy loses to #11 GW:  Vandy toppled by A10 school.
  7. BC loses to #10 Texas Tech: Knight vs Skinner?  C’mon!
  8. Marquette over Mich Stat: Avoid Big 10, other than Buckeyes.

Summary:  A couple of “upset” selections could leave me vulnerable.  Stay tuned for other regions.


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