March Madness, First Round, Midwest

Deconstructing the First Round, Midwest Edition…

  1. Florida over Jackson State
  2. Wisconson over TAMU CC
  3. Oregon over Miami (OH), as a Duck Alum I’m rooting hard for Oregon, but have little faith in Coach Kent’s Xs and Os.  Gifted a 3 seed on one week of hot shooting.
  4. Maryland over Davidson
  5. Butler loses to ODU: Another bad job by the committee having lesser conference foes battle one another.
  6. ND loses to Winthrop:  I’ve been popping off about the Eagles for months…not wild about ND as the opponent, but I have to stick to my guns.
  7. UNLV loses to GA Tech:  Unlucky draw for Rebs
  8. ‘Zona over Purdue:  I mentioned my lack of respect for the Big Ten earlier.

Three lower seeds projected to defeat 5,6 and 7 seeds; if this works out I’ll look real good.

Only the West remains…stay tuned.


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