Predictions for Sweet Sixteen and Beyond

Sweet Sixteen:

  1. FLA
  2. ODU
  3. Winthop Eagles, BABY!
  4. WI
  5. KS
  6. Salukis
  7. Dukies
  8. UCLA
  9. UNC
  10. TX
  11. GW
  12. G’town
  13. The Ohio State University
  14. UVA
  15. The ‘Ville
  16. Memphis

The Elite Eight:

  1.  FLA
  2. WI
  3. KS
  4. UCLA
  5. TX
  6. G’town
  7. The Ohio State University
  8. Memphis

Final Four:

  1. FLA
  2. UCLA
  3. G’town
  4. The Ohio State University

Champion:UCLA over G’town, 66-64.

Wish me luck…Dr. Dick


One Response to “Predictions for Sweet Sixteen and Beyond”

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