March Carnage

For Dr. Dick  the fun of making picks in the NCAA is twofold: trying to isolate upsets in the early rounds and picking the Final Four.  Well, the results are in on the first category…and it was ugly!  While I took solace in selecting Winthrop as a first round winner (as far back as December!), the balance of the first two rounds was a depressing exercise in favorite-picking.  As described by bracket-man Joe Lunardi, this is an historically chalky Sweet 16:
“How historic? Just one prior tourney in this era (1989) has given us a lower Sweet 16 “seed score” (the sum of the seeds of the remaining teams) — and this is just the second time since 1985 that we’ve been without a double-digit seed in the regional semifinals.”

As a result, in the Yahoo! pool, my selections rank in the 16th percentile…as I said: UGLY.  But on the second metric of Final Four selections, I’m still alive with G’town, FLA, UCLA and The Ohio State University (albeit barely!).

I’ll be releasing my selections for the next round tomorrow, although I have a hard time believing anyone will be interested, given  my performance thus far.

Until next time…Dr. Dick


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