Tourney’s Over…

Congrats to FLA on the back-to-back titles…congrats to Billy Donovan on doing his best to keep the focus on his team and not his (seemingly imminent) departure to KY…fairly certain J Noah is nothing more than an NBA role player: teams that lose out on the potential Oden/Durant lottery, beware…heard Mike DeCourcy on the Tony Bruno Show this morning say that “any GM that chooses Durant over Oden should be fired”…Oden was awesome last night for about 25 minutes, then was so gassed I would have been surprised if he could have tied his own shoes…while most seem to think that Billy D (does anyone else feel silly calling a grown man “Billy”?) will bolt to the Bluegrass state, I see his staying at FLA until a killer NBA job comes along – Celts or Heat? – as the most likely scenario…Corey Brewer looks like a versatile shooter, defender, third ball handler-type that lots of NBA teams could use…yesterday’s coaching moves filled positions at Iowa, Arkansas and Michigan, but left openings at Butler, Creighton and West Virginia, so plenty of coaching movement still to come…Of those moves, I have the most optimism about Beilein’s arrival at Michigan…when I was teaching at St. Bonaventure, I became enamored with the offense he ran at Richmond and have tracked his work closely at WVU, where Bona transfer Mike Gansey teamed with Kevin Pittsnoggle to get Beilein into the Elite Eight.  After the two stars graduated Coach Beilein propelled the Mountaineers to the NIT title this year… His teams always play smart and are a joy to watch.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


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