Goldies are IN!

The GS Warrior playoff drought ends.

First taste of post-season since 1994…you know, the year Friends debuted on NBC.  Yes, it has been that long.  The Goldies long-suffering fans remember, at least those old enough do.  I have not been a “die hard” all those years, as the Stockton-led Jazz were the apple of my eye until Stock’s retirement.  Nonetheless, I’m a lifetime Warriors observer, all the way back to when my Dad took me to a few games a year in season tix right behind Mrs. Attles and Al Jr.

But since my triumphant return to the Bay Area two years ago, I have been a fan and have been working hard on indoctrinating my seven year old.  In fact, we were at Sunday’s game against the T-wolves…and had a tremendous time.

So, for the next few weeks, I’ll focus on Warrior/NBA issues as The Bay gears up for the NBA playoffs.

That’s it for now…Dr. Dick


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