Game 3…Live! (First Half)

Hello readers… I’m joining you live watching the Warriors Mavericks game 3.

Using technology to my advantage, I have decided to post live thoughts as the game goes. We are joining in progress, that is after watching the first quarter and the beginning of the second. Score right now is 40-25, Golden State holding the lead.

First off, I should mention that I’m very jealous as my dad is at the game sitting center court row four. I talked to him about one hour before tip as he pulled into the Coliseum parking lot and told him he had an obligation to bring home a winner. So far so good.

Observations thus far: as the three B’s (Barry, Bill and Breen) observed, one of the distinct advantages the Warriors have over most NBA teams is that anyone can go for 30 plus on any given night: Davis, Richardson, Ellis, Harrington, Jackson… you get the idea. So far the star of tonight’s game is Jason Richardson who has 17 points in the first 16 minutes of play.

Great interview with Commissioner Stern early in the second quarter, as The Annoying Jim Gray tried to bait him into talking about issues that the Commish wanted to avoid, like the report that Seattle’s owner wants to move his team to Las Vegas. Stern deftly avoided the question and said “trust me by tomorrow he’ll be taking that back”.

Nice call by Nellie tonight, sending Harrington to the bench and starting Biedrins. As I mentioned in an earlier post, he doesn’t give a whit about egos, he cares about productivity and Harrington has stunk it up the first two games. That’s what makes Nelson the special coach that he is. I am reminded of this fact because Baron Davis’s eyes just got huge as he drove past Devon George and found Harrington who was fouled and now goes to the line. as a side note, I don’t understand Avery Johnson’s interest in putting Devin George on Baron Davis. It seems a strategy doomed for failure. Did he not see the game tape from game one?

44-27 after a Matt Barnes follow slamdunk. The next sequence George air balled about 2 1/2 feet wide of the rim. Back to the Stern interview… the Commish had a silly grin on his face when Jim Gray asked him to explain the atmosphere here in the arena. I think people that aren’t from the Bay Area underestimate exactly how basketball crazed at town Oakland is. Tonight is the proof.

Breen correctly points out that the lawyers were number one in the league in steals. He did not mention the Baron Davis led the league himself, but that is noteworthy as well. It is also why in the officiating is such an important factor in the series. If the lawyers are allowed to reach without ramifications, they become a much better defensive team. As their whole defensive philosophy is based on switching and reaching.

49-31 after Jackson has a circus shot. The Warriors are shooting 60% thus far, raising the question of will they be thwarted by regression to the mean. In fact just as I was typing that thought Walton says “The question is can the Warriors sustain it?”. Seems like great minds think alike!

Nowitzki: 16, 7, 1 assist.the guy is a hell of a player, but I would be surprised if he breaks into the all time greats. As his body language and disposition just aren’t dominant as the great ones are.

After a timeout the Warriors are getting a little sloppy and the lead has been cut to 14. About four minutes to play in the second quarter.the announcers are reviewing the big midseason trade. And reminding us that Al Harrington is 4-23 in the series.on dress just blocked Terry shot, prompting Walton to claim it was a beautiful block, while Barry countered that he hacked them on the elbow. I love Walton.

As much as I’m enjoying Jon Barry on the game, it it would be so much better if it were Rick Barry exchanging barbs with Walton. can someone at ESPN/NBA make this happen?

Back to game action …Terry knocked down a three to cut the lead to nine with about three minutes to play in the second quarter as Walton says “with Baron Davis and Richardson on the bench the Warriors have lost their offense of flow and rhythm”.it is an interesting point, as on the road in Dallas, there was never a time when Davis and Richardson were on the bench together (I believe).

the pace of the game is slowed considerably.  It has become what my dad likes to call “whistle ball”.  To kill time during the whistle ball, with Walton just said it was a disgrace that Mullen and Nelson are not in the basketball Hall of Fame.  I’m inclined to agree.  I’m not sure, but I think it’s next year that David Robinson and John Stockton and Michael Jordan are all eligible for the Hall of Fame.  In fact it may be the most stacked class to enter the hall in one year. so, I would not look for any breakthroughs from Nelson wore Mullin.

Baron Davis with a spectacular drive lay in and the foul on Nowitzki, with under four seconds left takes a score to 61-48. Howard hit a runner at the buzzer- strike that, after the buzzer.  So the score at the half remains 61-48.

I’ll be back after halftime.


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