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Meassage to The Sports Guy RE: Tim Duncan

May 10, 2007

An interesting article on Tim Duncan was posted by the Sports Guy (Bill Simmons) on today.  To read it follow this link: you can read this e-mail I forwarded to Simmons in response to his article:

A timely article on Duncan.  Just the other day during a Spurs telecast Jon Barry called him “the greatest power forward ever”.  Barry added Duncan has now eclipsed Malone.  Really?

I found this comment interesting, so I looked up Duncan and Malone’s career stats.  Looking over just the first ten years of their respective careers, the first thing to jump out is that Malone scored 4,949 more points in his first 10 seasons.  On rebounds, they are virtually deadlocked over the same period (Malone had 64 more).

Duncan has 1142 more blocks, Malone 571 more steals.  Malone shot 52.6%, Duncan 50.9%.  Malone 72.1 from the line, Duncan 68%.

Your argument that Duncan never played with a top 15 player is interesting, but other than Stockton who did Malone play with in his first 10 years?  Certainly not players of Robinson, Finley, Parker, Ginobli, Horry quality.  Plus, you and I would agree that the league was better in Malone’s first ten years.

Like you, I don’t enjoy the “underrated game” much, but I think it is fair to say that announcers consistently over rate the players they cover.  In fact, Barry also called Nash “the greatest” passer ever, with Magic Johnson in the building.