Raiders Double-Down with McFadden

Ever been to Vegas, had a pretty good black jack run and a little too much to drink?

Full of confidence and vodka, you dramatically raise your bet.

Then you are presented with cards that lead you to double-down?

If you are in touch with that emotion, you know how Raider fans feel about last weekend’s First Round selection Darren McFadden.

Mr. Davis & Co. have decided to double-down on the wager they made last year on JaMarcus Russell.  By giving (presumably) lame-duck coach Lane Kiffin the most dynamic offensive weapon available to couple with last year’s overall #1, the pressure mounts in Raiderland.

And as we all know, doubling down can give you a HUGE boost or sink you quickly.

Either way, it gives you a helluva story to tell your buddies at the end of the trip.  I wonder if the Raiders will be spinning a yarn of two wasted high draft picks (and millions of dollars) or celebrating a return to relevance.  By December we’ll likely know the answer.


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